Monday, September 20, 2010

You can display your current area using Google Latitude

Using the feature of google maps you can display your current location in your blog. Using the google latitude option you can do that.

Using the Public Location Badge is a gadget which you can easily add to your blog to very easily.The following step you can help to add

1.Sign up with your google account.Then you visit this page update your latitude location.

After that you goto the following link for the settings of Google latitude.
After that you go to this link.

Then this page will display.

2. In this page in the "Settings" window select the option."Enable and show city-level only" and press "Save" button.

3.The the following window will appear Copy the selected Area.

4.Then go to your Blogger. Go to the "Settings" use the option "Add a Gadget" add the" HTML/Java Script" window.

5.Paste You already Copied Content and Give a title.

6.Save the Settings.Go to your Blog.. you can edit the size means width and height of the gadget for the design of your blog.

Impotent Note:
Please note that once you create and publish this snippet on any web page or blog, anyone with access to your web page could copy the code elsewhere so that your location is still accessible even after you remove the code from your page.

To stop publicly broadcasting your location, you must come back ""to this page to disable it.


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