Thursday, August 25, 2011

You want to change the case of a string or perform a case-insensitive comparison in action script

In this post i will help you how to change a string to uppercase,to lower case and also capitalize a first letter of a words.
The "toUpperCase( )" and"toLowerCase( )" methods return new strings in which all the characters are uppercase or lowercase, respectively, without modifying the original string.

you can use toLowerCase( ) or toUpperCase( ) to perform case-insensitive searches within strings

// Displays: flash designer?
trace( ex.toLowerCase( ) );

// Displays: FLASH DESIGNER?
trace( ex.toUpperCase( ) );

// The original string value is unchanged: Flash designer?
trace( example );
//you want to change original string, reassign the return value to it, as follows:

var example:String = example.toLowerCase( );

The following will help you to change the any word for example "DeSigner" into "Designer" to capitalize the first letter of the word.The following is the code in the "main" class

public static function initialcap( theword:String ):String {
return theword.charAt( 0 ).toUpperCase( ) + theword.substr( 1 ).toLowerCase( );

//The following is an example usage of the method:

var example:String = "DeSigner";
trace( StringUtilities.toInitialCap( example ) ); // Displays: Designer

The "initialcap( )" method converts a string to so-called title case (initial letters capitalized). 

The following is the definition of the method:

public static function titleCase( originalword:String ):String
var words:Array = originalword.split( " " );
for (var i:int = 0; i < words.length; i++)
words[i] = initialcap( words[i] );
} return ( words.join( " " ) );
//And the following is a sample usage of the method:
var examp:String = " flash designer cochin";
trace( main.titleCase( examp ) );
// Displays: Flash Designer Cochin