Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to access your web cam and take a snapshot using flash actionscript 3.0

In this post i will help you how to access your web cam and take a snap shot and save it as in JPEG format.

  1. Create a new flash file with name WebCam.
  2. Create a button with instance name "_capt " in the stage
  3. Then create a new actionscript 3 file with name "vido". copy and paste the following code into that and save it..
        import com.adobe.images.JPGEncoder;
            import flash.display.Bitmap;
            import flash.display.BitmapData;
            import flash.media.Video;
            import flash.media.Camera;
            import flash.display.Sprite;
            import flash.events.*;
            import flash.display.MovieClip;
            import flash.net.FileReference;
            import flash.utils.ByteArray;
            import flash.geom.Matrix;

            public class vido extends Sprite
                public var _camera:Camera;
                public var _video:Video;
                public var _capt:MovieClip;
                public var _snap:Bitmap;
                public var _snapContent:BitmapData;
                public var _fileRefer:FileReference;
                public var bytes:ByteArray;
                    public function vido()
                        _video=new Video(320,240);
                    public function takeCapt(evt:MouseEvent)
                        var _snapContent:BitmapData=new BitmapData(320,240, false, 0);                  
                        var _snap:Bitmap=new Bitmap();
                        _snap.x = 304;
                        var jpgEncode:JPGEncoder = new JPGEncoder();
                        var bytes:ByteArray = jpgEncode.encode(_snapContent);
                        var _fileRefer=new FileReference();
                        _fileRefer.save(bytes, "image.jpeg");                  
5. You can download the JPEG Encoder from here
6. Goto the webcam fla and give the class name =vido.
7.Run  the flash file and take the snapshot and save it as jpeg.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

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