Thursday, February 16, 2012

Right Click,Mouse Wheel and Print using Jquery

In the web application or browsers we cant use the right click property.Using this plugin we can use rightclick,Ctrl+click,Shift+Click.I think this will help for web designers and programmers.As as designer i think using this application we can make so many user friendly designs and Interactive designs.
 The RightClickPlugin.js solve the right click problems in web application. he extendedClick plug-in contain so many functions that represent the combination of different helper keys you can press with a mouse. The functions include ctrlclick(), ctrlshiftclick(), altshiftclick(),shiftclick(), altclick(), ctrlaltclick() and ctrlaltshiftclick().A simple example for Mousewheel. using mousewheel the div you named will increase the width.
// set up the div that will capture our events
// attach an event handler for the wheel to this div // notice that we use the to determine how many "notches" the wheel // was moved. One notch is either 1 (if up), or -1 (if down). So, as // a result, we can simply add it to the current width, letting the // sign of the delta grow or shrink the div. $("#wheelSample").wheel(function(e){ $(this).width($(this).width()+50*(; });
Using the such a nice printarea plugin we can print a HTML document easily.Using the printAreaplugin we can print a specific elements on a page not all.a simple example for print area plugin.
An advertisement that you don't want printed out.

Another advertisement that you don't want printed out.

John Q236'1"
Jane Q235'1"
Jimmy R235'6"
All the annoying disclaimer text you don't want printed out. // Capture the click on the "Print" button. Then, you can call the printArea() // function on the "printable" div we used to wrap the portion of the page we want // printed. The only thing that will get printed to the printer will // be the table, and all the annoying text won't be. $("#printButton").click(function(){ $("#printable").printArea(); });
You can download the example from here